I appreciate Sue Carpenter

"I appreciate you, Sue, for your continued commitment to changing the lives of young women with your awe-insiring video skills. Thanks!"  

Juana appreciates Grrrl Gang Manila

"My girls especially from Grrrl Gang Manila for continuously inspiring me to be the best warrior for women's rights."  

FRIDA team appreciates the Kefir Collective

"Thank you for your commitment to building a feminist internet, your passion for digital rights and your creativity and innovation. You are an inspiration to us all!"

Mia appreciates Meerim

"I appreciate my sister, best friend, love of my life, Merrim. Thanks for being by my side, thanks for supporting my crazy ideas,thanks for encouraging me to believe in myself and love myself. Thanks for showing me the many opportunities I have. I appreciate your...

I appreciate the Muyteang Tan

"Thank you for staying side by side and always give your best. :)"  

Devi appreciates Naomi

"Naomi, thanks for listening and hearing me always. Xo"  

I appreciate Ledys and Deepa

"Appreciating the amazing people who came up with this storm!! Spreading love and kindness - thank you for all that you teach me!"    

Chatty appreciates Ari

“That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquility.” Thanks for being a major cutie.    

Chai appreciates Shru

“Shru thank you for being so powerful in your thoughts and words, you make me feel like home. Love you.”  

Richa Khobragade appreciates Dilip Pattubala

"Dilip has changed my perception towards men as whole. I was earlier more of a 'men are trash' brand feminist. Since I came to know about Sukhibhava and got to be a part of The Period Fellowship, I realized not all men are trash. Dilip is the co-founder of...